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Tour Drivers
Come drive our lovely guests around the country and help make their time here unforgettable!
Come be the face, heart, brain & soul of the hostel with our amazing reception team!
Cooking Workshop Master
Abraham Always Shared His Food! If you're a foodie at heart, passionate about cooking and can relate - check it out!
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to help travelers from all over the world get drunk and happy. This message will self destruct in 3...2...1... poof!


Tours Logistic Team
Behind every great tour stands an even greater tour operator! Join us in making tour-magic happen!
General Manager Abraham Tours
Abraham Tours is looking for visionaries who are excellent Managers and good people for one of our fascinating positions ever!


Breakfast Cook
Join us for cooking breakfast for the lovely Fauzi Azar guests in the middle of old Nazareth


Tour Desk Manager
We're looking for excellent, curious and talented people to join the leading team of the Abraham Tours!
Reception Manager
Wanna lead our newest reception team in Eilat? Read more if you dare!
Maintenance Manager
Abraham Hostel Eilat is looking for the very first Maintenance Manager! Have you got what it takes?
Haven't Found What You're Looking For?
You and Abraham are meant to be but not sure about the specific position?
Apply here with your CV in English and a description of what you're interested in.

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