Abraham Hostel Jerusalem General Manager

Program Summary:

We're looking for the next Abraham Hostel General Manager! ​ We are a growing tourism network that hosts independent tourists, groups and families, while keeping a young and international atmosphere and mindset. The group consists of hostels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Nazareth, as well as a travel company and two bars which host events and provide services both to guests and outside visitors. We are looking for the next Abraham Hostel General Manager which will take on the challenging and exciting responsibilities of managing the overall activity of the hostel. This is a director position, reporting directly to the CEO of the group.

Job Description

  • Responsibility over a large hostel (75 rooms), including revenues, expenses, current monitoring and control on the business side. In addition, assistance in preparing the annual budget and meeting its objectives.
  • Managing a staff of 20-50 workers and 3-5 managers, including recruitment and training.
  • General responsibility for providing and maintaining the amazing service and experience given to the guests of the hostel, the bar and the events.
  • In charge of the on-going operations of all hostel departments - rooms, bar, kitchen, maintenance, business license, quality control, external co-operations and working with different providers.
  • Keeping in line with the group's management, the other hostels and the headquarters (marketing, finance, HR, tours, etc.)
  • Forming and maintaining Collaborations with the local community.
  • Building a team of managers and leading them towards the organization's targets.
  • To apply you must:

  • Managerial experience (including managing employees and managers), Experience in managing small/medium budgets and organizations.
  • Team managing abilities and leading meaningful changes/developments, as well as dynamic thinking and performance under stress.
  • A very high level of English and Hebrew.
  • Tech friendly with the capacity for using intricate technological systems.
  • High service awareness as well as a passion to work with tourists and provide them an extraordinary experience.
  • Great responsibility, work ethics and willingness for hard work also during weekends & holidays.
  • Experience in tourism - advantage (not a requirement).
  • Please note - The program is for non-Israeli foreigners ONLY!

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